The Process

Competition announcement, registrations open 06 May 2011
Entrants are able to ask questions about the competition 06 May – 30 August 2011
All responses to questions posed by entrants complete
and posted on the website
30 September 2011
Stage 1 submission due 31 January 2012
Short-listed submissions announced 17 May 2012
Stage 2 submissions due 30 November 2012
Prize winners announced @ Gallery of Australian Design 14 March 2013
Curated exhibition of selected entries @ Gallery of Australian Design 06 March  Р07 May 2013



All enquiries should be made to:

The Australian Institute of Architects


p. +61 2 6121 2000

CAPITheticAL is a Centenary of Canberra project, presented by the ACT Government, supported by the Australian Government and administered by the Australian Institute of Architects.

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