Day 1 Morning

Energised by sleep and a huge breakfast the DST eagerly awaits an introduction to Ken Allinson who will lead the walking tour. Ken is a well travelled architect who has worked at numerous practices, run his own firm, taught at numerous facilities and authored several books. It is his book, ‘London’s Contemporary Architecture’ that

forms the basis of today’s tour which will no doubt be educationally and physically rewarding.

DST Arrival

The DST arrived safe and well in London yesterday, a little sore and tired but excited

about the weeks ahead. After greeting Mel at the airport and a short bus ride / change of clothes the group set off to explore the city. Well aware of the full day walking tour planned for Day 1 we sought to stretch out the legs and shake off any jet lag. The leisurely walk saw us cover Portobello Rd, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace amongst other places. It was a sun filled warm day for the most part. The group retired to the hotel to check in and unpack before our first dinner at a local pub. Some very tired bods the retired to bed for some much needed sleep. Big thanks to Virgin Atlantic for their hospitality and service.

The Journey Begins….

We’re soon headed to the airport… about to begin the long haul to London. Everything is in place and it’s all starting to get very exciting. They say the weather has been

‘hot’ in London, but I don’t think they really know the definition of hot, we are still packing warm clothes!!!

Looking forward to sharing our experience with everyone. Will be posting next week after we arrive and start our visits.

Bon Voyage!