Aim + Objectives


Emerging Architects + Graduates Network aims to create a design community for graduates and emerging architects for mutual support and to foster a culture of architecture.


1. Represent the interests of all graduates and emerging architects on a national level by providing a representative front and national voice on key issues.

2. Build upon Chapter groups and assist all groups at a local level through cross pollination of ideas, resources, education and energy.

3. Bridge the gap between SONA and senior Australian Institute of Architects members. EmAGN seeks to eliminate the existing gap allowing graduates a sense of belonging to an Australian Institute of Architects associated group beyond SONA. This will provide a platform for graduates to ‘merge’ into the profession with local and national support.

4. Initiate and develop exciting opportunities for all emerging architects and graduates on a local and national level.

5. Develop new and build upon existing relationships with other young professional groups in Australia such as Young Engineers Australia (YEA) and Young Planners (YP) both on a local and national level. This allows the opportunity to partner events that would benefit the broader professional demographic

6. Establish and build relationships with emerging architects and graduate groups within International architectural institutes such as the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), American Institute of Architects (AIA) & New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA). This will allow both cultural exchange and idea sharing through a variety of potential opportunities such as scholarships and/or exchange programs, invited guest speakers, national conference attendance and participation etc.

7. Advocate possible future representation of emerging architects and graduates on National Council so that key needs, interests and concerns may be addressed