DARCH Horse Awards 2012

DARCH Horse Awards 2012

Congratulations to all the recipients in the DARCH Horse Awards 2012!

A new initiative for 2012, the DARCH Horse Awards have been developed by DARCH, the NSW Emerging Architects and Graduates Network of the Australian Institute of Architects, to recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions by non-architects in the pursuit of a high quality built environment.

EmAGN architects and graduates could nominate outstanding contributors in the categories of Developer, Builder, Government Authority, Client and Consultant. There were also a number of Jury awards given.

The jury consisted of; Annabel Lahz (Lahz Nimmo), Phillip Vivian (Bates Smart), and Ken McBride (Innovarchi).

The Awards were announced on Friday 16th November at ‘Tusculum’, The Australian Institute of Architects Sydney office in Potts Point.

Winners and Commendations


DARCH HORSE COMMENDATION: Oliver Johnstone of BUILT nominated by Llewela Griffiths of TZG Architects

DARCH HORSE AWARD: David Kaunitz of Kaunitz- Yeung Architecture nominated by Aaron Leeman-Smith of Order Architects


DARCH HORSE COMMENDATION: Nick Scotece of Patterson Building Group nominated by Constance Trofimovs of DTB Architects

DARCH HORSE AWARD: Rod Windrim of Windrim Building Contractors nominated by John Rose of Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Government Authority

DARCH HORSE AWARD: Nick Tobin of Willoughby Council nominated by Gabrielle Suhr of SJB Architects

DARCH HORSE JURY AWARD: Darlene Van Der Breggen of Sydney Olympic Park Authority Nominated by Annabel Lahz and Philip Vivian


DARCH HORSE COMMENDATION: Daniela Caiazza and Lou Rendina nominated by Shaun Carter of Carterwilliamson Architects

DARCH HORSE AWARD: Stephanie Smee and Paul Schoff nominated by Sam Crawford of Sam Crawford Architects

DARCH HORSE AWARD: Dani Milner and Paul Schmuckler nominated by Hannah Tribe of Tribe Studio Architects

DARCH HORSE JURY AWARD: Geoffrey Leeson of UNSW nominated by Annabel Lahz of lahznimmo architects


DARCH HORSE AWARD: Paul Connett of Hughes Trueman nominated by Gabrielle Suhr of SJB Architects DARCH HORSE JURY AWARD: Richard Green of TTW nominated by Annabel Lahz of lahznimmo architects

Jury Category:

Sub Contractor

DARCH HORSE JURY AWARD: Dirk Janessen of Craft Metals & Greg Cunningham of ARC Roofing nominated by Ken McBryde of Innovarchi

DARCH HORSE JURY AWARD: Andrew Gore of JWI Louvres nominated by Philip Vivian of Bates Smart

Urban Provocateur

DARCH HORSE AWARD: Roderick Simpson of Simpson+Wilson nominated by Joe Loh of SJB Architects