Taking the frustration out of registration!

Taking the frustration out of registration!

Regi(fru)stration is an EmAGN initiative, designed to encourage graduates to take the next step and become registered architects through providing a relaxed forum where many of the ‘myths’ surrounding the registration process are dispelled. An open forum for discussion, Regi(fru)stration invites two recently successful registrants and one experienced practitioner to share their experiences. The session outlines the three-stage Architectural Practice Examination, suggests sources of further information and provides the opportunity for attendees to ask questions of the panel.


DARCH held a Regi(fru)stration seminar on the 4th of February before the first session of the PALS Course and the 2013 APE Session 1. Over 80 people keen to find out the official and unofficial information on the somewhat daunting registration process heard APE State Convenor Ian McCaig, examiner Eva-Marie Prineas, Tony Kemeny of the PALS course, and Olivia George and David Cullen, two recently registered architects, speak and take questions on all aspects of the process and the profession.

The event concluded with the drawing of a lucky door prize of David Standen’s Construction Industry Terminology, some highly recommended reading! After the event, light refreshments and drinks were served and attendees had the chance to catch up with each other for some more informal discussion about becoming a registered architect.

Thank you to our speakers who shared their valuable knowledge and insight into the registration process. Thank you to the Institute for the funding support and thank you to the Institute’s NSW Chapter for their assistance. Thank you also to the DARCH volunteers who helped organise this event. Good luck to those of you sitting the APE Session 1 exams!!!

Reviewed by Charlotte Karlsson
On behalf of DARCH

Image | Cherry Williamson

Image | Courtesy of EmAGN Newcastle


On Thursday 7th February 2013, EMAGN Newcastle in conjunction with the Newcastle Chapter of the Institute of Architects held its first Regi(fru)stration Event. The evening was aimed at providing a forum for architecture students and graduates to learn about and discuss the registration process with a panel of registered architects.

EMAGN Representative Cherry Williamson provided the audience with an overview of the registration process followed by an introduction to PALS from Newcastle Course Convenor and panel member, Peter Kemp. Also representing the panel was Sandra Hinchey from Webber Architects, David Kidston from <HACK> Architecture and Christopher Larcos from Moray & Agnew Legal Services.

The Q&A discussions continued over light refreshments, with both panel and audience members reflecting on their individual experiences and current practice within the city of Newcastle. EMAGN Newcastle would like to thank the panel members for offering their time, the Newcastle Chapter for hosting the event and all those who contributed to the audience.

If you would like further information on EMAGN Newcastle events please visit our Facebook page ‘EMAGN Newcastle’ or email emagnnewcastle@gmail.com.

Reviewed by Cherry Williamson
On behalf of EmAGN Newcastle

To find out more about Regi(fru)stration please contact your local EmAGN representative for future Regi(fru)stration dates and further information. For further information on PALS you can check out the website.