Biomimicry Nature Walk through Time

November 1 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm | $10-$20

Jane Toner, Architect and Australia’s first Biomimicry Specialist, will guide participants on a 4.5 billion year walk through Earth’s history to explore our connection with the natural world. An ecologist and an expert on indigenous culture will accompany Jane to share their knowledge as we walk through the Botanical Gardens.

Biomimicry is an emerging discipline in which the functional strategies used by biological forms. processes and systems are emulated in abstracted design strategies to generate innovative sustainable design solutions to solve human design challenges.

The walk will start at the Federation Bells at Birrarung Marr and proceed along the Yarra River and then through the Botanical Gardens, finishing at the Melbourne Observatory. The intent is to demonstrate the brief period of time that humans have been present on Earth relative to the scale of “Life” and to seek inspiration from our “elders” about living elegantly on this planet.

The distance of the walk will be scaled to correlate to the time scale of Earth, with major events in the time line of evolution – from Life’s emergence from the primordial soup 3.8 billion years ago to our emergence as a species 200,000 years ago – marked by a stop and quick discussion.

Presented by the Australian Institute of Architects (Victorian chapter), DesignInc and Biomimicry Swarm Australia, this event is one of a trilogy themed around the Essential Elements of Biomimicry, which are: Reconnection, Ethos and Emulation. The other events in this series are a moderated panel discussion with Melbourne’s leading thinkers on the Ethos of Sustainability: Raising the Green Bar: How can Melbourne learn from nature? (29/10/14) and an Emulation workshop: How would Nature solve sustainable design challenges in Melbourne? (31/10/14)

This event is part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 27 October – 2 November 2014, proudly presented by the City of Melbourne

General $20
Concession $10

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Date: November 1, 2014 BiomimicrySwarm Australia
Time: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm Facebook: BiomimicrySwarm Australia
Cost: $10 – $20
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Federation Bells,
Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Author: MA|A team

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