Why enter?

  • By entering into the NSW Architecture Awards and therefore the National Architecture Awards program you are giving yourself, your firm and your staff the opportunity to be judged for the work you are proud of, the issues that you stand for and to show your peers what you have been working on.  It can be an important contributor to your membership in the architectural community, and also offer milestones in your career – whether as an emerging architect, small firm or as a member of a larger project team.

What are the benefits? 

  • The Institute organises a program of public talks and exhibitions of entrant awards boards throughout the year.
  • The Institute publishes an annual awards publication, featuring photographs and jury citations for all winning projects, and listings of all entries. Readership includes all registered Institute architects, alongside public and industry subscribers.
  • All winners of Named Awards and general category Awards progress to judging by the National Jury. As well as providing further exposure and recognition at a national level, it also offers further opportunity to enjoy the comradery of your colleagues at the National Awards Presentation event in November.
  • Media outlets are keen for stories on new architects, ground-breaking design and a survey of the breadth of architectural activity in NSW throughout the year, and the Awards process and shortlists are a key resource for these features.
  • Being part of the awards presentation days to juries in March can be a valuable professional development experience for you and your colleagues.
  • The NSW Architecture Awards night is a celebration not to be missed whether you are shortlisted or an entrant, and is an exciting event for colleagues and clients alike. All entrant awards boards are exhibited on the night, providing another great opportunity to show your clients your work and to share in the pride you both hold for the project.

How much does it cost to enter?

  • The 2017 NSW standard entry fee is $700 ex GST. If you are an A+ member you automatically receive a discount of 10%. 

Do I have to be a member?

Eligibility and Conditions of entry are as follows:

Entry into the Australian Institute of Architects Architecture Awards is limited to a person, or a team under the substantive control or direction of a person, who is:

  • an architect registered in the State or Territory of entry, and
  • an Australian Institute of Architects member, and
  • a principal of the practice who is an owner or formal licensee of the copyright in the work being entered

Can I have an extension past the end of entry submission date?

  • Your entry details must be entered online and fees paid by the closing date. No new entries can be created after midnight on this date. You may begin your entry, save your work and come back to it as many times as you like, however, once you hit the ‘SUBMIT’ tab you cannot go back in to make changes. Requests for changes after the closing date may not always be possible and can incur an administration fee.

How do I get my presentation ready for the presentation days to juries?

Please refer to the NSW Entry Material Requirements document or instructions on the specifications required for both your digital presentation and display panel.

I have a query – who should I contact?

For all Awards related queries please contact Hannah Burgess on +61 9246 4055 or email nsw@architecture.com.au