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Become a SONA Rep



Applications are open for 2017!

Download the application form.

Applications are still open for the below universities:

University of New South Wales

University of Tasmania

University of Technology Sydney

Charles Darwin University

Monash University

Apply by 5th December!

Who can become a SONA Rep?

  • To be eligible to become a SONA rep you should be currently enrolled in an architectural bachelor or master’s degree at an accredited Australian University in 2016 and plan to be so in 2017.
  • You should have a minimum of 1 years experience as a SONA member!

What does a SONA Rep do?

  • Develop an understanding of what SONA offers and communicate this effectively to students.
  • Work successfully as a team with other SONA reps to achieve successful events, publications and competitions.
  • Work successfully as an individual to achieve successful events, publications and competitions.
  • Represent yourself, SONA, the Australian Institute of Architects, respectfully your university colleagues, and your university.

When is the SONA Rep term?

  • The SONA rep position is for a calendar year and runs from January 2017 – December 2017
  • Availability to attend SONA Training Camp is key!

Why do SONA Reps exist?

  • The purpose of the SONA rep position is to assist with delivering relevant and engaging services to local SONA members and students across Australia at accredited universities.
  • SONA reps exist to encourage a student studio culture, of critique and camaraderie. To intensify student’s university study and social experiences, providing opportunities for professional networking + career development.
  • SONA reps exist to provide a student perspective to Australian Institute of Architects (the Institute) committees and focus groups. To advocate for student talent through publications, competitions + prizes.

How do SONA reps do all of this?

  • SONA reps travel to a meeting in February to receive training in their role.
  • SONA Executive (consisting of previous years SONA reps) help and guide the SONA reps throughout the year.
  • Institute Staff are available to assist SONA reps and help them to succeed in their role!

Did you Know?

  • There are 19 new SONA reps each year, one at each accredited university in Australia!
  • Being a SONA rep you will meet and work with other students from universities around Australia
  • Being a SONA rep is just the beginning, you can nominate for  SONA executive the following year and grow your experience with SONA – Fancy being SONA President?
  • You get to travel with SONA! SONA Reps meet in February, then again midyear for a face to face meeting!

Want to know more?

  • Why not ask your University SONA Rep?
  • Send us an email with your question-