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What is SuperStudio?

SuperStudio, SONA’s  annual semester 2 event, is a 24 hour design competition that fosters: studio culture; networking and support between students of different universities and years of study; conceptual thinking; critique and analysis of topical subjects; and interaction between the architectural profession and the community. In these ways SuperStudio achieves many things that SONA is passionate about.

An overview of SuperStudio

• A 24 hour design competition organised and run by SONA
• Primarily judged on ideas not graphic communication
• Teams consist of three students
• Teams are encouraged to represent differing year levels and universities
• One university in each state/territory hosts SuperStudio
• The brief is released at the same time around the nation, 7.00pm (AEST) and is confidential until that time
• A local jury will select a state/territory finalist
• The state/territory finalist teams have an additional 10 days to refine their submission and presentation
• A national jury selects a national winner from the state/territory finalists
• The national prize is return tickets to Venice for the winning team members!

When is SuperStudio?

SuperStudio occurs at the beginning of August each year