Legal & Procurement

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l L – BIM Legal & Procurement
Preface, Chair BIM, Legal & Procurement Working Group (Peter Scuderi)
l1 L1 – BIM and Intellectual Property
This Guidance Note refers to the Intellectual Property of content in BIM. Ownership of IP can relate to many things including the embedded data in the model/s, workflow processes used in the collaboration processes, technology developed or the design intent.
l2 L2 – BIM and Intellectual Property
This document provides professional indemnity insurance guidance for practitioners working within a BIM environment. It is not intended to provide legal advice, but will raise issues for consideration when making decisions on how to structure commissions and Professional Service Agreements.
l3 L3 – Stakeholders’ Responsibilities
What needs addressing in teaming Professional Services Agreements and BIM Management Plans to ensure the stakeholders maintain responsibility for the accuracy of their input such as design/construction detail, level of detail, geometry, intelligence etc in their individual discipline model or part of a model?
l4 L4 – Viable Options – Encouraging Collaboration and ‘No Blame’
Traditional approaches to project procurement (such as design, bid build) do not necessarily allow project teams to tap into the full potential of collaborating in BIM. Is it possible to create a legal instrument that binds the design and construction team behaviour and that encourages shared liability and a ‘No Blame’ culture?