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2009-09-28 DARCH Bar Architecture and Film, Music, Illustration

2010-08-03 Communicating Architectural Ideas Forum

2010-10-12 Dulux Study Tour Slide Night

2010-10-21 SAF Advertisements for Architecture Opening Night

2010-10-27 DARCH Bar architecture+film

2010-10-29 SAF Advertisements for Architecture Forum

2010-11-02 DARCH Bar architecture+food

2010-12-05 Emerging Architect Prize Presentation

2010-12-14 Small bar tour 1 Darlinghurst

2011-01-31 Regi(fru)stration

2011-03-01 Small bar tour 2 CBD

2011-04-28 Q&Architect

2011-05-25 Small Bar Tour 3 Newtown

2011-06-16 Gold Medal Lunch

2011-06-27 Regi(fru)stration

2011-08-01 Collaboration Forum

2011-08-11 Q&A(rchitect) Talk

2011-09-14 Dulux Study Tour Slide Night

2011-10-05 Archi Soccer

2011-10-07 One To One Project

2011-11-02 Where To Next Seminar

2011-12-10 EmAGN Sydney Photographic Competition

2011-12-15 DARCH Christmas Drinks

2012-02-13 Regi(fru)stration

2012-02-19 EmAGN Sydney Photographic Exhibition Broadway

2012-02-22 EmAGN Sydney Photographic Exhibition Wholemeal Cafe

 2012-03-13 Small Bar Tour 5 Redfern