Affiliate Member Level 1

Affiliate Member Level 1

The Affiliate Member Level 1 category is available to you if you have held a qualification from a recognised architecture course for at least five years but are not yet registered.

Affiliate Member Level 1 members who become eligible to be registered architects can then upgrade to Member Level 1!

Affiliate Level 1 members are corporate members of the Institute – you can vote and be nominated to council and presidency. Affiliate Member Level 1s can also use the Institute’s post nominals.


If you’re not sure whether you qualify, please contact the membership team.

To become an Affiliate Member Level 1 please visit our website

What do I get?

  • Post Nominals
  • National policy setting and voice
  • Eligibility for prizes and comps
  • Architecture Australia Magazine
  • Networking opportunities
  • International accords
  • National printed publications
  • Voting rights
  • Local and national e-news
  • Senior counsellor service
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Included access to Acumen practice notes which now incorporates the new Environment section comprising over 175 peer-reviewed design notes on built-environment sustainability.