How Soon is Now 2016:
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important aspect of the 2016 How Soon is Now conference. It provides the opportunity to build your knowledge across a range of topics making a significant contribution to your CPD needs.

Submitting Your Report

Submissions have now closed therefore the Institute will no longer issue certificates for CPD reports.

A list of previous submissions for sessions by other members can be found here.

Assessment Requirements

Format: Written report on the session attended.

Structure: You may use whatever structure you believe is appropriate. Your report should focus on what you learned from the presentation/discussion, rather than just being a repetition of the session content. A possible structure is suggested below.

Length: 400 words (approximately).

Time: It is expected that the assessment will take 15 minutes to complete per session.

Submission: You must submit your report to the Conference website to claim the session as formal CPD.

Deadline: Friday 27 May 2016 – Reports must be submitted no later than this date. We advise you to submit your report within the following week so the content is fresh in your mind.

Records: A certificate of submission will be sent to you acknowledging receipt of your report and identifying the CPD points earned. Keep the certificate and a copy of your report for your personal CPD record.

Suggested Structure: The following structure may help to make the report a useful learning exercise for you and your potential readers. The questions are provided as prompts for reflection and discussion.

  • What in the presentation challenged you to think about architecture and its practice differently?
  • What were some of the key points/issues raised during the presentation?
  • What are some implications of these for the practice of architecture broadly?
  • What other issues/ideas do the key points suggest for you?
  • What did you learn from the presentation/discussion?
  • What will you do differently in your own workplace or apply personally as a result?

Questions: Email us at cpd@architecture.com.au

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this Conference attendees will be able to:

  • Analyse architecture’s transformative power on a macro scale
  • List current global projects that are creating new ways in operating in architecture
  • Explore new frameworks, systems and strategies that architects can adopt to shape equitable and sustainable futures
  • Look beyond the boundaries of the discipline of architecture to address future projects
  • Discuss the current climate themes; building resilience, transforming populations, creating equity and advocating future and discuss within a relevant Australian context

CPD Points Allocation

How Soon is Now will offer the following CPD points:

  • Day One – Friday 29 April: 7 informal OR 8.5 formal CPD points
  • Day Two – Saturday 30 April: 7.5 informal OR 9 formal CPD points
  • Total Conference: 14.5 informal OR 17.5 formal CPD points

Download the CPD points allocation table with a breakdown for each session.

Please note: you cannot claim both formal and informal points for the same session. Formal points require the submission of a report as detailed above.