From The Chapter Chair

From The Chapter Chair

Dear All,

I have just returned to Dubai after attending our first National Council meeting. The meeting took place at the Institute’s Canberra office where we were introduced to the new CEO, Julia Cambage, and to the newly appointed Chapter Presidents and our nationally elected Councillors.

The two day meeting included a review of the comprehensive plans to enhance the Institute and the value it brings to it’s members, while refreshing the brand and digitising much of the interface. This is a timely moment for the International Chapter to be building a formal structure as it will benefit from being part of a broader strategy and action plan.

As the International Chapter, we discussed the importance of our ongoing participation in the UIA and CAA, keeping us relevant and active on global issues in a global market and positioning us in partnership with and in relation to key areas and countries of significant growth and development. We look forward to attending the UIA conference later this year in Baku, Azerbaijan.

At the National Council table we not only met representatives of all the State Chapters but were joined by the President of SONA and the President of EmAGN, who are eager to join the international conversation thus enriching our program and outreach. We are sure that international members will find true and great value in this expanding and mutually engaging conversation.

To top off the meetings, the Institute was welcomed at Parliament House for a Breakfast Briefing to Members of Parliament and Senators on the value of our profession in shaping the cities of the future – all in all, I’d say, a great start to the year!

Kind Regards,