Boarding Pass Events

The Institute recognises that in this very connected era, getting together is in many ways easier than it has ever been. We also recognise that many of our members are frequent travellers, and to this end we look for opportunities to connect members both with each other and with new opportunities.

Our Boarding Pass events are an opportunity for members to get together in key locations around the globe. Stylistically they range from the formal to the informal, but they typically have a dual emphasis – social (over drinks) and professional (talking about architecture) – bound together by the shared interest of an Australian outlook on the world.

For some years now the International Chapter has run member gatherings in various cities around the world, under the title “Boarding Pass”. These have been run consistently in the South East Asian hubs of Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, and more recently in London. We are always looking to develop Boarding Pass opportunities in new regions, and with new partners, so if you are interested in helping to set up an event in your area please contact the Institute via email –