UIA Durban 2014

UIA Durban 2014

Architecture Otherwhere is the theme that will be both defined and studied at the profession’s next global event – UIA Durban 2014.

Held triennially, the congress takes place at Durban’s International Convention Centre (ICC) from 3-7 August 2014, when approximately 6000 delegates are expected to descend on Durban from around the globe.

It is the third time the conference has been held on the African continent, the first two being in Morocco and Egypt respectively. This is the first time that the event is being held in Southern Africa.

The theme of architectureOTHERWHERE will explore how architects might play a pivotal role in addressing social inequalities. 2014 also explores concepts of sustainability through links to OTHER global initiatives and refers to COP 17 (Built Environment Charter) and RIO+20 (Soil Programme) – with a focus on urbanisation and the agricultural opportunities in and on the peripheries of cities.

In Durban, architects will study the new geography of a world being built, with other preoccupations, other means of expression, other representation models.

The International Student Competition is an important element of the congress and provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from schools of architecture around the world to be part of the congress in a meaningful way. In the spirit of OTHERWHERE, the competition has also been opened up to other related professions of the built environment as well as other design disciplines and the competition organisers are encouraging mixed-discipline teams.

The UIA is a non-governmental organisation accredited by the United Nations, representing approximately 1.3 million architects worldwide and professional associations of architects in 124 countries.

For more information, to register for the Congress or to enter the Student Competition visit www.uia2014durban.org.

The Australian Institute of Architects is bidding to host the International Union of Architects (UIA) Congress 2020 in Melbourne. The congress is one of the largest international events of its type attracting approximately 6000 attendees from around the globe and is held every three years.

If successful, the 2020 Melbourne Congress will provide architects with an opportunity to participate in a series of culturally and professionally enriching events and will establish or re-establish contacts with colleagues from different countries. The congress attracts both practising architects and academics, well-known architects, those involved in international relations, architects linked to the city making sector, as well as young professionals and students of architecture.

The formal bid will be presented at the next congress – UIA Durban 2014. The host city will be decided as congress draws to a close at the UIA General Assembly.

The Institute has now launched a UIA Melbourne 2020 microsite.

Simply visit www.dialectsofplace.com.au for further information on the Melbourne bid.