Upcoming Events


SONA rep training workshop
Melbourne, Australia


SONA Sign-Ups at your uni!


Australian Achievement in Architecture Awards
Wed 21 March, Adelaide
Including announcement of Australian Student Prize for the Advancement of Architecture and Colorbond Steel Student Biennale prize winner(s)
See website for more info


2012 National Architecture Conference
Brisbane 10-12 May

Don’t forget to check out the SONA fringe events
including the SONA Opening Party, SONA Pavillion,
SONA Masterclass and the Hangover Breakfast here.




SONA Australia Forum
SONA representatives and members are invited to attend our national seminar in which we discuss SONA’s nationwide events, review our annual budget, and plan for semester 2

‘Wastelands’ XXXII European Architecture Students Assembly
Helsinki, Finland 16-29 July
See website for more information


The infamous 24-hour student design competition
Held at one university in each Australian capital city
Contact your local rep for more information


Ketel One Bar Design Competition
Help quench the thirsts of Australia’s top architects…
Design and build a bar for the 2012 National Awards in Perth!
Hurry, entries close Monday 24 September!

Venice Biennale
Opportunities for student volunteers at the Australian Pavilion will be announced later in 2012

My Final Exhibition – The PHD Journey
Presented by Sanaz  Hosseinabadi
Introduction by Professor Alec Tzannes, Dean, Faculty of Built Environment, University of New South Wales.

“My research topic is ‘Symbolism and Belief System in Applied Geometry in Architecture’ and a study on how today architecture translates and reproduces those forms in a completely different context and elimination of its true meaning”.

Presentation: September 4th, 6.30pm
‘Tusculum’, 3 Manning Street Potts Point
Tickets: $5.00
Refreshments will be served.

Installation Exhibition:August 28-September 19, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
Walk through an actual size model space that is the final result of the research topic ‘Symbolism and Belief System in Applied Geometry in Architecture’. The composition of the extruded and disfigured geometrical forms required precise design and detailed planning from a concept based on Russian constructivism and 20th century deconstructivism.