SuperStudio 2012

This is a fantastic chance to see  more amazing peer projects and the many various ways that students around Australia have answered the ‘Shifting Sands’ brief! All of the state finalists have been invited to submit their manifesto and supporting  images. To read the manifesto please click the project title and double click the images to enlarge.

University of Queensland: Year 1
Nathan Chan
Prithwi Chakraborty
Vinh Hua

Form Follows FN
University of Sydney: Years 3+4
Simon Del Favero
Marshall Blecher

Commendation, National Jury

an augmented scale
University of Western Australia Years 4 + 5
Benjamin Juckes
Tobias Beale
Nicholas Wroth

Shifting Sands (…and other compounds)
RMIT Year 5
Mark Hocking
Michael Murdoch
Mercedes Mambort


RMIT Year 5
Ben Kazacos
Brock Hogan
Phoebe Baker-Gabb

National Winner
Check out the video submission on the SuperStudio 2012 page!


University of Melbourne Years 4+5
Michael Collins
Daisy Xu
Nigel Lim

Commendation, National Jury


Originality Becomes Unoriginal
(Note: no text provided)
University of Adelaide Year 3
Tarran Barclay
Matthew Alfred


Are We Rushing Mindlessly?
University of Queensland Year 4
Chi Tang
Don Lee
Kwan Mo Yang

University of New South Wales Year 4
Kevin Mak
University of SydneyYear 4
Pei-Lin Cheah
Robert Chan


The Architectural Orgasm Will Not Be Televised_ An Ode To ‘Little Death’
University of Adelaide Year 5
John Byleveld
Phillipe Naudin
Nigel Rich


Responsive Architecture
University of Melbourne Year 4
Alice Ha
Ariana Anwar
Joy Sai Kasem