Emerging Architect Prize Tour

The National Emerging Architect Prize winner 2016, Amy Muir (VIC), will be touring Australia in February 2017 to discuss the theme of DOING: To Do or Not To Do?


To do or not to do

The purpose of the topic is to address the principles associated with the award. The award recognises the achievements and contributions made by the state winners across a broad range of skills and involvements. In order to be able to address the criteria the act of ‘doing’ is paramount. The notion of getting involved and contributing are key qualities promoted by the award.

To do or not to do forms the sub topic. It presents a question associated with career trajectory/linage/choice/circumstance. This provides an opportunity for speakers to reflect upon some of the decisions that they have made along the way that have shifted the path that may have been traveled or that have allowed for other opportunities to arise.

It also forms the basis of how we navigate our careers. We are constantly being faced with making decisions. What is the right decision? Is there a wrong decision? Or it is more a case of ‘doing’ which then allows for movement and momentum forming a consistent path of decision making. – Amy Muir

In addition to Amy, congratulations to all her nominated peers, the 2016 Chapter Emerging Architect Prize Winners:

ACT:       Yuri Leong
NSW:     Brendan Murray
NT:         Jo Best
QLD:      Aaron Peters
SA:         Candy Aung
TAS:      Philip Dingemanse
WA:       Kylee Schoonens

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