From the QLD Chapter President Elect 260218

From the QLD Chapter President Elect 260218

26 February 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I take on the heavy chains of office and responsibilities late in February 2018 but with an official ceremony held on 23rd March 2018 at the Eat Street Markets.  Bruce Wolfe will be back from the wilds of Patagonia and Antarctica by then and we can all use the opportunity to thank him for his efforts and he can regale us with tales from the past and the south seas.

I will be using the first few months of my ‘reign’, tenure, stint, term… get out and mix it with all the committees and regional member groups to get a ‘feel’ for what is happening and what issues are burning out there, so we can tackle them head on!  I also hope to make some connections with the current state government and this has started with my attendance and submission to the Ministerial Construction Council in early February 2018.  In the meantime, I will also be attending the first National Council Meeting which for me will be a good orientation event.

I have high hopes for the new federal governance model of the AIA led by our past State President Richard Kirk and hope that as a membership we can all give it a shot and see where it leads us.  There will be some testing and I suspect some robust discussions regarding state happenings vs the national approach and I am sure the membership through the committee structure will make those concerns known early in my term.

In the meantime the AIA local chapter team led by Mell is getting out to our members delivering some great CPD programs and the awards program is well on track with 174 entries, capably led by John Tong and Paul Worroll.

PALS (Professional Architects Learning Series) starts on Tuesday 20th February and Ryan Loveday and I look forward to working with our registrant hopefuls on their journey to the rego exam! Thanks again to all the volunteers who come to lecture and assist us on the scenario nights and let’s hope we have a fun and productive 8 weeks at it!

See you all around the ridges and feel free to shoot myself, Mell or the Qld Team an email or make a call (07 3824 4100) if you have a matter you think will be of interest to the profession.

Paul Trotter

Queensland Chapter President Elect