Graduate membership is available to you if you have completed a recognised two tier architecture course, and are not eligible to be registered as an architect.

Five years after completing a recognised course, graduate members may transfer to the Affiliate Level 1 category, or on becoming eligible to be registered, to the Member Level 1 category.

Graduate membership is non corporate, and does not require nomination by members. However, Graduate members have rights to vote for National Councillors but cannot become Chapter or National Presidents. Graduate members are welcome to attend meetings and participate as members of National and Chapter committees and subcommittees, but may not chair National Committees or National sub-committees.

As of 2020, we’ve included a number of extra services as part of Graduate Membership, including access to Acumen to practice notes which now incorporates the new Environment section comprising over 175 peer-reviewed design notes on built-environment sustainability.

 An online HR Hub with advice and guidance for every stage of your career, including an extensive wellbeing section.

The amount you pay for your yearly subscription depends on when you graduated, so click through to pricing below to see which category you belong to!


To become a graduate member please visit our website.

What do I get?

  • Access to Acumen, practice notes which now incorporates the new Environment section comprising over 175 peer-reviewed design notes on built-environment sustainability, and HR Hub worth over $300
  • Eligibility for prizes and comps
  • Architecture Australia Magazine
  • Networking opportunities
  • International accords
  • National printed publications
  • Voting rights
  • Local and national e-news
  • Senior counsellor service
  • Certificate of Membership