From The Tas Chapter President

From The Tas Chapter President

06 May 2019

Image: Jonathon Wherrett

On the 18th of May Australians will head to the polls armed with a small slip of paper, an even smaller pencil and a sausage, to determine who will govern our country.

Leading up to the election, the Institute nationally has contacted each of the major parties with a series of questions and queries around their policy positions in relation to key issues facing our profession. The Institute is in the process of chasing responses to these questions and once received, will collate the responses and circulate them for all members.

In addition to this, the Institute recently issued a media release titled “Good Design Adds Value” with its 2019 Federal Election Platform. This platform is aimed at improving the enduring health and wellbeing of all Australians and our diverse communities.

The platform includes six key focus areas, with the Institute making 31 recommendations to the Australian Government; these recommendations emphasise the social and economic benefits of quality design, deliverable through use of the architectural profession.

The six key areas are:

            1.         Fostering Thriving Cities and Regions

            2.         Housing a Diverse and Inclusive Community

            3.         Improving Building Regulation

            4.         Addressing Climate Change

            5.         Capitalising on Creativity

            6.         Supporting Australian Skills and Trade


I would encourage all members to please take the time to read this document as there is much relevance in the suggested initiatives for us to implement at a local scale.

View the full election platform here.

If anyone has any question or queries, I would encourage you to contact myself or the Institute.


Shamus Mulcahy RAIA
President, Tasmanian Chapter,
Australian Institute of Architect