ACT Chapter- Small Practice Group

ACT Chapter- Small Practice Group

AIA – Small Practice Group


The following is a draft schedule of topics for meetings of the Institute of Architects Small Practice Group, who generally meet for ‘round table discussions’, on dedicated topics on the last Thursday of 10 months of the year. Presenters are still to be sourced for most topics and topics and their order may be varied.


27 February – A discussion on ‘Housing Choices’

27 March – An Accountant’s perspective:  This discussion will cover a range of aspects including architectural practice accounting, development funding and Future proofing are proposed.

24 April – A discussion with Environment and Sustainable Development: ESD, formally ACTPLA, will cover  approval processes and interface for Architects.

29 May – Presentation by another Institute Committee

26 June – Dispute Resolution: What happens when things go wrong?

31 July – Continuing Professional Development – CPD: A look at the CPD system, recording and how to make it work best for practitioners.

28 August – Archiving, including file & data storage options, and the limits of liability.

25 September – The Small Practice Group will go over their own projects: Participants are to give a ‘5 min’ snapshot of a project they are working on and aspects of it.

30 October – Photography – Options for Architectural photography, and drones: We will seek the attendance of an Architectural Photographer

27 November – Trees – work near, removal, approvals, and/or Bushfire Zones: Analysis, reporting, issues and meeting the NCC and approval requirements.


*Topics subject to change based on speaker availability

*Must RSVP to attend, link on events page