BIM industry update

BIM industry update

In 2011 the Institute and Consult Australia recognised a need within the industry for change and education in relation to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). The two organisations joined forces to create the BIM/IPD Steering Group to support building design and construction professionals in the development of highly collaborative and innovative building procurement methodologies.

The Steering Group is under the directorship of the two organisations, with member representatives from each, as well as invited members from AMCA, FMA and NATSPEC. The Chief Operating Officers of the Institute (Ross Clark) and Consult Australia (Julia Lemercier) also sit on the group.

In August 2012 the Steering Group published its first group of guidance documents and launched these throughout a series of events across the country. The guidance documents include: BIM Management Plans, BIM, Legal and Procurement, BIM Education and BIM Outreach.

Recognising the need for the industry as a whole to have access to these documents, they are available for free download from the Steering Group’s joint website

Following on from the work published in 2012 the Steering Group is currently working on ‘The Business of BIM’. Current projects include both the preparation of papers and an increased focus on advocacy, as multiple clients (government, residential and commercial developers among others) look to mandate BIM. This will be done through working groups including representatives from the organisations as well as representatives from client organisations who we are seeking to influence. This activity includes:

(a) BIM deliverables and procurement/tendering:
Building on the work already completed this project aims to establish common terminology used to describe various options and provides guidance for the selection of the most appropriate procurement methodology, allowing for a range of management, risk allocation, delivery and contract system options and project types, as part of the procurement strategy where BIM is incorporated within the project.

(b) Contract brief:
Working closely with the working group this working party will establish a set of guiding principles to shape the development of (a) construction agreement(s), with an indication of the impact of BIM on scope, ownership, responsibilities, accountabilities, reliability, insurance, and fee (distribution). The guiding principles will form the basis for further development of new types of contracts that actively regulate the use of BIM on projects throughout Australia.