CPD update

CPD update

As many of you will know there has been confusion surrounding the status of CPD in Victoria. The Institute has been working closely with the ARBV and the Dept of Planning, to clarify the status of CPD for practising architects in Victoria.

New Regulations for architects were made in May this year. Please take the time to read them here and make sure that your practice complies with the requirements of the new Victorian Architects Code of Professional Conduct that are articulated in the Regulations.

In the Code, an architect in charge of a client’s project must –

(a) have suitable skills and experience to be in charge of the project; and
(b) maintain a thorough knowledge of the architectural services to be provided and of matters
relating to the performance of those services.

The ARBV has endorsed the national model of CPD which has been in effect for some time now in NSW, WA, and QLD. This model is based on the Australian Institute of Architects / Architects Accreditation Council of Australia Joint Policy on Continuing Professional Development.

The ARBV recommends that architects engage in the national model as the preferred way to demonstrate compliance with the Regulations. There is further information about the national model of CPD on the ARBV website.

Recording CPD activities via the ARBV’s website has been introduced to make it easy for architects to maintain their records, however it is not a requirement that this be used.

Institute A+ members are required to undertake CPD as a core component of their membership.