Creating Australia’s towns and cities of the future – the Institute’s Policy Platform

Creating Australia’s towns and cities of the future – the Institute’s Policy Platform

We can all benefit from Australian towns and cities that are more productive, sustainable and liveable and it is critical that the next Australian government takes a leadership role in guiding the strategic planning of our cities and urban areas. This is the message being delivered by the Institute to all federal parliamentarians and candidates during the election campaign.

Typically, urban and design issues are not a feature of election campaigns; however, we’re  reminding our politicians that it is important when shaping Australia’s future, that focus is given to raising design standards in our cities and towns to position Australia as an international design leader and to make our country a better place for all.

Australia is a highly urbanised nation, and as our major cities and towns develop we face a number of key challenges – from climate change, population growth and an ageing demographic to an increasing demand for infrastructure, housing affordability pressures and traffic congestion. Our cities need the right strategies, policies and processes in place to create a built environment that can sustain us into the future.

The Institute’s National Council has determined its policy priorities for the next two years as:  Sustainable Communities, Design Culture, Climate Change, Housing, and Regulation and Red Tape. These priorities have formed the basis for our ‘policy postcard’, being sent to all federal politicians and candidates, which outlines the measures we believe are necessary to advance our urban environments and enhance our lives.

We are also surveying the major political parties, seeking their position on the Institute’s policy priorities. We will share their responses with our members prior to the election date to assist you in assessing the parties’ positions on issues relevant to your profession.

Of course, once the election result is known, we will actively promote the Institute’s policy priorities to the new government and relevant ministers.