From the Vic Chapter President

From the Vic Chapter President


4 June 2019



Dear Victorian Members,

 Over the weekend I was reflecting on the state of play.

With the National Novation Survey results starting to take form and with regular queries being raised by members in reference to EOIs/RFTs requesting unreasonable scope of works, it has become evident that now is the time to reflect on where we are at and to take action to address the issues being raised.

 This is not about pointing the finger but rather understanding why these issues are arising and finding ways to make the industry a more equitable and reasonable playing field. This is about working together.

 There are reasons why we are in the position we are in. There are reasons why state and local government procure projects in the manner that they do; however, we need to constructively find solutions to improve these processes in order for there to be a sustainable future for our built environment.

 Evidence based research is assisting with highlighting the pitfalls so that the holes can start being plugged. It is also about acknowledging the positive outcomes and experiences of our members and building on these.

 On behalf of the Victorian Chapter I would like to thank those members who have given their time and professionalism to these issues. We look forward to working together to continue to strengthen our industry.

 Strength in numbers. A collective voice.

 Kind regards,

 Amy Muir 

Victorian Chapter President 

PS. Don’t forgot that the month of June = The fabulous National Architecture Conference curated by Monique Woodward and Stephen Choi and held in Melbourne between 20—22 June.

 And the Victorian Architecture Awards Presentation Dinner Friday 28 June where we are able to celebrate the collective efforts of so many of our members.

 I look forward to sharing an inspiring month with you all.