Gender Equity Committee

Gender Equity Committee


Interested individuals of both genders are invited to nominate themselves by Expression of Interest, for membership of the Institute’s Gender Equity Committee. This National Committee was established at National Council’s last meeting and it will be responsible for giving practical effect to the Institute’s Gender Equity Policy, which was adopted by National Council in December.

Role of the Committee

1. To develop potential initiatives (programs, activities, events, services or products) that can most effectively deliver outcomes related to each of the Principles set out in the Policy.

2. To review existing and proposed Institute initiatives to ensure that, as far as possible, all Institute initiatives are consistent with the Principles.

3. To coordinate, at a high level, the various programs and projects that are being undertaken at any time in relation to the Principles of the Policy.

4. To act as a clearing house for feedback, comments, suggestions and complaints in relation to the Policy.

5. To initiate, where required in relation to the Policy, research, surveys, focus groups and other consultation and information gathering exercises on gender equity.

6. To advocate the principles of gender equity and equal opportunity to other stakeholder, industry and client groups, and to government.

7. To communicate and disseminate the outputs of the committee to stakeholders.

8. To develop, monitor and report to stakeholders on a series of key indicators that effectively measure progress in implementation of the Policy.

9. To undertake regular review of the Policy.

10. To make recommendations to the National Council and generally advise the Council on matters related to gender equity in the architecture profession and the Institute.

11. To provide written reports on progress, activities and outcomes to all regular meetings of the National Council.


Membership of the 10-person Committee is structured by representation of the various architectural practice sizes, with at least half, but no more than 6 of the 10 to be women.  Nominees will be chosen by National Executive (comprising National President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Honorary Secretary and Treasurer) as delegated by National Council, so that the Committee will have:

  • No more than 2 members from any one Chapter;
  • At least 2 members from regional locations;
  • At least 2 members from small practice (up to 5 staff);
  • At least 2 members from medium practice (6-20 staff);
  • At least 2 members from large practice (21+ staff);
  • Either 5 or 6 female members.

The term of appointment will be 2 years, but half of the Committee, as its founding members, will have a 3 year initial term, so that half of the membership spills each anniversary.

Expressions of interest need to be received by 3 March 2014. To submit your Expression of Interest please follow this link  to answer the following 5 short questions:

  • What do you see as the opportunities and challenges for the Institute in regard to giving practical effect to the Gender Equity Policy?
  • Looking at the Terms of Reference, what particular skills and expertise would you bring to the Committee?
  • What should the Institute hope to have achieved in relation to gender equity by 2020?
  • What is the number of architectural staff in the practice you work in?
  • This is a working committee. Do you feel you are you able to commit the time to attend approximately 4-6 meetings per year and to undertake out-of-session work as required by the Committee over your 2 or 3 year term?

Only Expressions of Interest submitted using this survey will be considered.

Please direct any enquiries about your application to