Institute applauds Fishermans Bend decision

Institute applauds Fishermans Bend decision

The Australian Institute of Architects strongly supports the Victorian Government’s decision to call in Permit applications on 26 projects as a necessary step to ensure a crucial part of the city’s planning best serves community outcomes.

Incoming Victorian Chapter President Amy Muir said the Government had made the right decision for the long-term sustainable development of the area.

“Fishermans Bend is a significant site that will shape and define our future as a city and as a growing community,” Ms Muir said.

“The rezoning of Fishermans Bend prior to the implementation of planning controls or a holistic masterplan sets a dangerous precedent for providing imbalanced developments and ill-conceived built environments leading to long-term detrimental effects upon immediate and surrounding communities.

“We now have an opportunity to rectify this error and properly plan for what will be a construction project that spans some four decades.

“It is imperative that we have processes in place in order for the best design outcomes to be implemented.

“This is not about quick fix solutions but rather considered, holistic design solutions that acknowledge the significance and legacy of the project.

“The Fishermans Bend draft framework includes eight sustainability goals, which we firmly support and want to see realised as part of a masterplan for the area.

“Moving forward we strongly support and recommend the engagement of a design review panel represented by the Australian Institute of Architects, the Planning Institute of Australia, the Urban Design Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

“The Institute supports a rigorous consultation process with experts in the field in order to provide balanced design advice from an urban planning, urban form and landscape perspective.

“We are very aware of the commercial endeavours that these projects hold. However we also understand that there needs to be a balance between commercial intent and the quality of the design outcome.

“Building communities is a complex undertaking and it requires a sensitive and a rigorous design consultation process from the very beginning.”

Thursday, 22 February 2018