Practice Committee 2019

Practice Committee 2019

Committee Chair  Shawn Godwin
Committee Members  Catherine Baudet
Eldon Bottcher
David Porgand
Sandra Browne
Mary Crosdale
Rodney Moyle
Chris Kolka
Matt Riley
Henry Peel
John Walsh
Lachlan Walker
Jack Williamson

The Practice Committee’s goals are to foster information exchange, tackle issues affecting Queensland practices, improve continuing education and professional development, and represent the practice of Queensland architecture to the Institute.

February Meeting (13 February 2019)

The Practice Committee met first time in 2019 on Wednesday 13 February. Last year the committee formed a BIM task group to ensure our members are across any BIM related matters. Results from the recent national survey on BIM are currently being reviewed with a report to be generated from those findings and sent to AIA and ACA members.

The committee appointed Jack Williamson as the new NAWG (national access work group) representative. Jack updated the committee on what NAWG had been discussing at their recent teleconference, agenda items include updating ACUMEN notes, Institute design statements and reviewing standards.

The committee will meet again on the 13 March.