From the QLD Chapter President 260218

From the QLD Chapter President 260218

December 2018

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my fellow architects!  I trust you have all had a rewarding year in the Sunshine State.

We finished off the year with a bang with the Chapter and EmAGN hosting our Christmas Party at the Triffid, on Thursday 13th December 2018.  It was great seeing many of you there on what was a great night to mix, socialise, contemplate what might of been, and celebrate the wins along the way!

Congratulations to all our AIA award recipients of 2018 and for all those 170 odd entries / entrants that make our awards program so amazing!

We pioneered with an ambitious Awards program this year and it was fantastic to get out to all the regions to mix it with the locals and hear their concerns for the profession.  While undertaking the new program our Chapter staff and I have been listening to members and their constructive feedback and I am pleased to announce that Chapter Council has endorsed changes that will encourage regional members to run their own Shortlist / Regional Commendation ceremony when they are announced. This change will keep the sense of celebration, socialising, and fun alive (its usually the happiest date in the awards calendar as the love and awards are spread generously).

A big congratulations our QLD State Award winners, Anna O’Gorman; Sandy Cavill; Virginia Kerridge; BVN; Hall,Phillips and Wilson Architects who all went on to be recognised at the National Awards.

Queensland has also been fortunate to have Christina Cho as the Australian Emerging Architect of the Year who has been busy roving the country with her talks which have been well attended and received.

At this time of the the year it is right to thank the many people involved with the AIA who help make this Institute such a great thing to be involved with at so many levels.

Firstly thanks to all our members of Chapter Council and their great work and a special mention to Andrew Wilson who is vacating his position after organising the 100 years of Architectural Education Symposium, and to Tony Jemmott for all his contributions.

To John Thong, Paul Worroll, Leah Gallagher and Louisa Gee, our State Jurors and Regional Jurors who travelled the State to visit every one of our award entries.

To our EmAGN and SONA committees that make our Institute so relevant to the younger member of our fraternity.  Their enthusiasm and optimism is infectious.

To Ryan Loveday my fellow PALs convener and the many volunteers who help our graduates through the registration maze!  Awesome effort! Congratulations to all the new registrants who made it through and for those that didn’t…..have another go!  The title is worth it!

To Bruce Medek and the Board of Architects, thanks for your efforts in protecting the public and the title with your recent work in the courts.

To Ian Hamilton of the AACA thanks for your ongoing work with all your examiners in maintaining the high standards expected of our architects.

A big thank you to the support crew called Melissa Greenall, Courtney Fair, Joyce Martin, Madelynn Jenkins, Gemma Hayward; Chapter Staff who have given it their all in 2018! Well done!

Thanks To Bruce Wolfe for his continued interest in his role as Immediate Past President and well done to Richard Kirk for his contributions at National as President and a National Juror.

Lastly a big thank you to the state membership who continue to volunteer countless hours and stay engaged with this great profession.  Thank you so much those members that have offered me wise counsel along the way.  Rest assured I will keep up the pace in 2019 and I look forward to seeing all the smiling / anxious faces at PALs in 2019.

Have a safe and relaxing break and see you next year.


Paul Trotter
Queensland Chapter President


Paul Trotter

Queensland Chapter President Elect