Regional Affairs Committee 2019

Regional Affairs Committee 2019

Committee Chair  Roger Mainwood
Committee Members  Tony Madden
  Colin Strydom
  Chris Gay
  Stephen Sims
  Robert Foote
  Katherine Rickard
  Pia Willemsen
  Peter Muller
  Hennie Ferreira
  Tess Andrews
  Matthew Brabeck
  Adrian Just
  Michael Furhman

The Regional Affairs Committee is convened to represent the affairs of architectural practices positioned throughout Queensland’s major regional cities and communities. The committee is made up of Regional Representatives from 6 of the regional hubs across QLD –  North QLD, Far North QLD, Central QLD, Darling Downs, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. The committee acts as a conduit for feedback and information between regional members and the Institute. Supports and promotes Institute events in the regions and works as an advisory group with Chapter staff in initiatives for the regions.

The Regional Affairs Committee had held 2 teleconferences so far in 2019. 

The committee welcomed Pia Willemsen as a Regional  representative for the Gold Coast. 

Conversation has been focused on planning for the Short listing event on the 22 March, with all regional representatives assisting in planning and running their tailored events in each region. 

Planning is continuing for the Regional Conference in October. Melissa Greenall along with volunteers from various regions are working together to create the conference. The committee was updated on progress including theme and potential speakers.