Terms and Conditions Jack Hobbs McConnell Travelling Fellowship

Terms and Conditions Jack Hobbs McConnell Travelling Fellowship

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must be a member of the Institute.
  2. You must be a Graduate in Architecture from the University of South Australia or University of Adelaide of up to six years standing (for 2019 Fellowship only). For the 2019 Fellowship, this means people who completed their architecture degree at the end of 2013 or later.
  3. You do not need to be currently resident in South Australia, but if short listed, may be required to be interviewed by teleconference – and be prepared to detail your interest in architectural design in South Australia and how you might ultimately engage in future practice in the State.
  4. You must be an Australian citizen.
  5. You are to propose a program of study with estimated total expenses and amount of support requested from the Fund up to the value of the Fellowship as determined each year.
  6. You are to nominate a Mentor for the period of the Fellowship.
  7. The Fellowship will be awarded by the Committee. The Committee will short list applicants and may choose to interview short listed candidates. The decision of the Committee is final.
  8. Following the awarding of the Fellowship, you will prepare a firm timetable and apply to the Committee for release of portions of the funds to cover expenses, understanding that part of the Fellowship funds will be withheld until all obligations have been fulfilled.
  9. On completion of the Fellowship you will be expected to discuss outcomes of travel through a method approved by the Committee.


Please submit the following:

Application form (via online process)

The following documents to be submitted to the SA Chapter by 3 Dec 2018:

  1. CV – expand on any community work or leadership roles you have undertaken – describe your aspirations as an architect.
  2. Portfolio – submit an indication of the best work you completed- enough to show the committee the work you’re most proud of.
  3. Budget –Include estimates of airfares and local travel, subsistence and any tuition fees. Indicate a value of the Fellowship (up to $15,000) that you are applying for, a proposed schedule of payments from the Fund and how any shortfall may be met.
  4. Indicative Timetable and Itinerary –Give a general indication of the proposed timing – commencement, duration and anticipated completion of your reporting to us.  The Fellowship is normally expected to commence within six months following the announcement of the winner.

Closing Date & Announcement of Winner

Applications close 3 December – Recipient announced end February 2019