Building a strong voice for architecture – Our 2017 agenda

Building a strong voice for architecture – Our 2017 agenda

Jennifer Cunich, Chief Executive Officer

As valued members of the Institute and supporters of the built environment, I want to share with you our plan for 2017 and the actions we will deliver to champion the profession and the enormous contribution you make to our nation. This video sets out how we are building on our strengths, focusing on what matters most to you, our members, and outlining a clear pathway for what we want to achieve now and into the future.

Achieving the greatest public benefit from the continued expansion of the built environment means architects must have a central and valued role in the decision-making process.

We are making sure the Institute is best-positioned to help individuals and practices have exactly that. Our work – supported by strengthened national committees, the Board, National Council and a revitalised executive – will prioritise three core pillars: advocacy, education and membership.

Already, we are building a stronger voice for architecture with focused, high-impact advocacy campaigns such as the one we launched last month against the proposed fencing off of the nation’s Parliament.

This campaign has attracted widespread and sustained media coverage and the social media element has achieved significant reach. So far, our campaign video has been viewed almost 20,000 times and notched up a colossal 233,859 impressions across our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

More than 3,500 people have already signed our online petition, which has triggered an overwhelming response from the community and I thank everyone who has shown their support. Importantly, we have secured a briefing with the Department of Parliamentary Services scheduled for later this month.

In 2017 we will take our advocacy to the next level and look forward to working closely with you as we shape a new, inclusive three-year strategy that is designed and driven by members.

The Institute is your essential professional and business ally. Working together, with industry, governments and partner organisations we have the commitment, enthusiasm and momentum to realise our shared vision for the profession.

We at the Institute look forward to supporting you in what promises to be a year of opportunity and achievement.

Jennifer Cunich
Chief Executive Officer

View the PDF of the Institute’s 2017 agenda