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1 year ago

How dare we do this sort of thing to our people, we are worse than Communist China, yet we are too dumb to see it , and that is sad !!

Andrew von Niedermueller
2 years ago

… totally unnecessary & a monumental waste of public money…

Gordon Ellice-Flint
2 years ago

As an Australian citizen ,war veteran and concerned citizen I am totally appalled at the planned major redevelopment of our AWM . . Quite apart from the scandalous cost involved, this whole project reeks of over- zealous cringeworthy attitudes towards our wars and total lack of respect for our departed war heroes. The Australian War Memorial is NOT a museum !

Bronte Zadow
2 years ago

I agree my family have served this great country and I don’t want anzac hall demolished. Can’t they build around it .as a Australian we owe these men and woman a lot and need to show respect,its not a musium it’s a morial and part of our heritage.

3 years ago

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5 years ago

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