What is the Environment Design Guide (EDG)?

EDG is an online journal of the Australian Institute of Architects with over 200 peer reviewed papers on various aspects of sustainability in the built environment.

EDG serves as a direct link between sound environmental design research and built environment design practitioners. Unlike other peer reviewed journals that present technical environmental design research, the target audience for EDG is primarily architects and other built environment designers.

How is EDG valuable to me as a SONA membership benefit?

Students will find access to EDG very useful when researching for projects. There are a variety of case studies available to learn from and EDG could be a useful resource for design precedents. When selecting materials for design or building technology subjects there are notes on products and materials as well as design strategies, new technologies and general information on environmental design. e.g. Construction details for cool temperate climates

Unlike some other professions, it takes a long time to fully mature as an architect because the nature of the discipline means that we need to know ‘a bit of everything’ and it takes time to accumulate this experience. For all of us and especially students and emerging design professionals, this means:

  • continually learning new design and critical thinking skills
  • learning how to ask the ‘right’ (productive) questions
  • self-directed development, without formal support

The Environment Design Guide can help with your education, continual learning and critical thinking on built environment related issues. Start using the research tools that you will use in your future profession – today!

How do I access EDG?

EDG is accessed through the Institute website (architecture.com.au). SONA members receive full access to all peer reviewed papers and will require their membership number and password to log in.

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