Living with Water event

Living with Water event

Today, some cities suffer from rising sea-levels and unprecedented storms and flooding, while others endure drought and depleted aquifers. How can we build urban resilience in such uncertain times?”

It’s a full-day symposium on 20 March 2018, led by Foreground, in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne School of Design and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, that will bring together a series of  international and Australian experts, who will explore how design can help mediate the burgeoning new relationships between water, land and our communities.

Our international speakers include Kongjian Yu (founder of the world’s biggest landscape architecture practice and a renowned innovator in water sensitive urban design), Lykke Leonardsen (one of Copenhagen’s governmental leaders in dealing with rising seas and flooding) and Kristina Hill (Berkeley’s resident urban design and sea level rise expert).

You can read more about the program and other speakers here:

The event is primarily aimed at professionals, but we’d like to get a good quotient of students of design in the built environment in the audience, so we’d like to offer SONA members a 50% discount on ticket prices (on top of the group discount rate too, if people can buy in bulk). We have about 50 tickets available at that rate for a limited time.