SONA President – Troy Borg

SONA President – Troy Borg


Ask yourself what has been working well for you? 

  • Have you been staying on top of your assignments, maintaining healthy relationships and keeping up with paying your bills by the due date?
  • Have you attended any of the first SONA events in your state?
  • How many people have answered yes I’m on top of everything and super organised?

For most of us that is only but a dream, architecture studies aren’t supposed to consume your entire being, so now as we start refining our routines for the second quarter, I ask you to evaluate where you allocate your time?

Have you been utilising all the benefits that come with being a member of SONA?

  • SONA provides a network that can lead you to your first work experience placement, open up opportunities for you to be involved at many architecture events, it can see you connect with industry which could lead to your first job.

We want you to get the most out of being a member of an organisation that for the past twenty years has voiced our concerns as a collective student body and provided endless opportunities.

If you’re still unsure as to what’s happening in your hood, keep your eyes peeled on the SONA website and be sure to follow the Sona Instagram for your state.

We have some exciting events just around the corner including the Upscale design and build workshop taking place at the National Conference and the SuperStudio competition where you and 2 other SONA members can win tickets and flights to the Venice Biennale.

Don’t forget that these events are all exclusive for you. Good luck with your studies in the coming weeks and honour your mind and body with regular exercise.

Look forward to seeing you at a SONA event soon.