Western Australia – ArchiMates

Western Australia – ArchiMates


ArchiMates was an informal gathering over chips and drinks, where students had the opportunity to learn more about the architecture profession from:

  • Michael Woodhams – Executive Director of the WA Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects
  • Suzie Hunt – President of the WA Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects and Director of Suzanne Hunt Architect
  • Neil Cownie – Director of Neil Cownie Architects and member of the Architects Board of WA.

The students enjoyed hearing and asking questions about our guests’ experiences and insights from their studies to their careers. We were fortunate to receive helpful advice to guide us for the duration of our studies and continued career. Advice ranged from getting out into the world more through travelling studio or personal travel – whether it’s abroad or within Australia – to gain exposure and experience with different environments and cultures; to asking practices if they would be able to take you for site visits to gain experience. Getting your LinkedIn profile going, and your business card ready for networking.

Michael, Suzie, and Neil not only provided insights and advice for the students, but also gave encouragement by continuing being actively connected to the profession through SONA, which gives fellow students and professionals opportunities to network with from the industry. 

SONA UWA would like to thank Michael, Suzie, and Neil for their generous time spent at the event.