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15/Love House – Cumulus Studio

Project summary

The 15/Love House evolved from the clients’ desire for a home where living could happen both indoors and out and where socialising could be impromptu. By cutting away the central mass of the house, a courtyard was formed, not only allowing the sun to penetrate deep into the internal living spaces but, more importantly, providing opportunities for the house to grow seamlessly and allow family life to interact. The first floor level is not immediately evident; only after you enter does its existence become clear via important visual connections achieved through the use of voids. While lower floor spaces connect with intimate views of family life, the first floor accesses distant views to the surrounding mountains, providing a release from the often cramped nature of suburban living. The house consists of a subdued material palette and simple detailing; it does not announce the involvement of an architect but subtly whispers it instead. Organised around the idea of ‘served and servant space’ the non-habitable areas are subservient to the habitable spaces, allowing the living areas to connect with both the courtyard and rear garden and to take full advantage of access to sun.


Nicholls Constructions  – builder


AJL Consulting  – structural consultant
Green Building Surveying  – building surveyor