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Mays Beach – Preston Lane Architects

Project summary

Set on a windswept hillside overlooking Frederick Henry Bay, the project evolved from a pragmatic response to the challenges of occupying an exposed, often extreme coastal site. Born from these conditions the design robustly responds, establishing the house as a ‘windbreak’ to the bay; this gesture, in turn, creating a haven from the elements tucked in behind. Stretched across the site, the house follows the lay of the land, the simple form higher at the front, addressing the scale of its context and lower to the rear, allowing a more human scale to prevail. Acting as the mediating element, the tough eastern elevation is used as a windbreak but also as the means of structuring the spaces behind. Carefully positioned openings link select functions whilst also establishing views, both panoramic and controlled, from and through the house. The southern and northern edges establish the bookends to the building, containing the outdoor space at the rear. All sides of the building work with the site to shelter the western edge, a courtyard, outdoor fireplace and the entry to the house, all located along this protected edge.


Chasemore Building  – builder


Gandy and Roberts  – structural consultant
Gandy and Roberts  – hydraulic consultant
Jonathan Wherrett  – photographer
pitt&sherry  – building surveyor