Residential Architecture – Houses – The Bulldog House

Affectionately named ‘the bulldog house’ by locals, the casual and somewhat comical identification of this new suburban home abides by the principles of the initial intention of the project to be a fun and spontaneous place to call home. The ‘bulldog’ marks its territory at the top of the cul-de-sac appropriately named Hamelheath Way and appears as the sovereign of the new suburban subdivision filled with vernacular brick veneer and tiled roof homes. At the end of the street, the site takes a truncated form, with minimal street frontage of only some four metres. The home was situated up the site, off the street, and the application of bold and solid form, composed with a gesture of lightness, ensure the home has the aura the brief required. The ‘bottom lip’ of the ‘bulldog’ plunges forward at the front of the living area and the use of the slope of the site and view lines ensures privacy to the main living area, whilst ensuring view and sun are not compromised. The owners are pleasantly surprised, not only with the architectural qualities but also how well the recently completed home performs passively, and agree the outcome resonates with the original brief.

S. Group

Structural consultant – JMG
Photographer – Ian Watts
Building surveyor – Protek

Builder – Elysium Builders