Residential Architecture – Houses – Villa Blanca

Set on a rural residential site of some three hectares, surrounded by tranquil Tasmanian landscape, the concept for this home is a dramatic insertion in the private yet sparse landscape. The clients’ brief called for privacy whilst ensuring a luxurious standard and a statement of contemporary living. The architectural language of the house draws on the desire for a timeless home, born of the clients’ love of early 20th century modernism. The expansive blank wall facing the approach creates intrigue and almost appears ruin-like in the scant context. This dramatic façade sets up a truly striking experience when one approaches the home and is welcomed through the proportionally inconsequential entry door into a home filled with light, space and volume. Resonating with the ethos of the S. Group studio, the home has been designed to maximise end value by using selective lightweight construction methodologies and material selection. Plantation timber frames most of the home, including timber trusses, with minimal use of steel.

S. Group

Structural consultant – JMG
Photographer – S. Group
Building surveyor – Protek

Builder – Turner Construction