Evandale is a National Trust-classified Georgian village. This former tourist shop was chosen for the nearby village amenities. A simple banal exterior reveals few clues about the new, rich interior; ‘situational’ interior design. Moving through the house different aesthetic and spatial qualities express the various complexities in the client’s histories. Peripheral areas are organised to give a sense of mystery by not being observable in a single glance. ‘Theatre in the round’, the kitchen includes a proscenium sliding wall that doubles as a moving panel for art work. Stacked with books, photographs, and mementos two eclectic studies separate living and sleeping areas. Internal walls are positioned to allow the experience of the length of the building in inter-playing dimensions. Colours for the library walls and ceiling are walnut brown with accents of orange. For the lounge, qualities of enfoldment  and enclosure are created by a deep green, reminiscent of the pastoral surrounds of Evandale. Black carpets and tiles further enhance these deep spaces of enfolding shadows. Simple rituals of day-to-day living are ensconced in a moody, shifting interior that reflects the complexities of the clients well-lived lives.


David Luck Architecture in collaboration with Professor Louis Sauer


Wigg Homes and Constructions


Structural engineer – MV Consulting

Building surveyor – Philip Connors, Protek


Tanja Milbourne


People’s Choice Prize

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