Hobart Airport – Stage 1


Hobart Airport – Stage 1 


Air travel and its associated typology have changed so much in the past ten years that many modern airports seem overly stimulatory, cluttered and clichéd. In light of this, the architect, Misho Vasiljevich, designed Hobart Airport’s new arrivals extension to be a light-filled space, which provides respite (for passengers and staff) from the noise, congestion and visual clutter normally associated with airports. Further, it anticipates the Tasmanian experience of an intimate engagement with the natural environment through artworks and materials.

The advent of budget air carriers has also had a huge impact on the process of transitioning from plane, through security, to baggage claim. This once segmented journey is replaced in this extension by a transparent space through which the passenger can easily move – relaxed and ready to travel into Hobart, or beyond. The range and intensity of experiences a passenger undergoes in this new travel environment are carefully addressed.


Misho + Associates

Practice Team

Architect/interior designer – Misho Vasiljevich

Interior designer – Olga Gruzdeff

Architectural CAD – Joe Hitti

Architectural CAD – Csaba Moldan

3D imagery – Brendan Cuffe 


Principal builders – Michael Fleming, Tony Gentile and Adrian Quaile

Builder – VOS Construction and Joinery

Structural and civil engineers – JMG Engineering

Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical consultant – W&G Engineers  

Interior designer – Misho + Associates

Watermark design – Peter Battaglene and Fiona Tabart

Sculpture – Ruth Waterhouse and Curtis Hore

Furniture construction – Rick Watson and Vince Watson

Building surveyor – pitt&sherry

Photographer – Peter Whyte






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