D’Entrecasteaux House




D’Entrecasteaux House


Replete with stunning panoramas, Apollo Bay on Bruny Island remains, nonetheless, a remote and exposed region, bringing with it both a physical and psychological need for protection. The home had to provide a reassuringly solid presence – company for a remote and beautiful existence. A high, stone-walled outer skin and a light, taut-timber web of an interior contain the functions of the home. These two built elements satisfy both the physical and psychological need the location demands of the architecture. The house employs an inflected non-orthogonal plan where massive stone walls encompass light, timber-lined living spaces, and fine details throughout. Joinery and lighting have been carefully designed to be simple and seamless.

D’Entrecasteaux House has a simple palette – dark within, a pale stone without. The orientation of face-fixed bespoke glazing focuses attention upon very specific elements of a vast landscape continuum, providing an opportunity for repose.



Practice Team

Project architect – Thomas Bailey

Design architect – Nathan Crump


Principal builder – Stuart Lawless

Builder – Lawless Builders

Structural engineers  – Aldanmark Consulting Engineers

Photographer – Megan Baynes




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