A perimeter strategy of high walls defines a rectangle within which the house is positioned. A generous courtyard to the north offers space for outdoor living while a smaller court to the south hosts a productive garden. To the north, a bi-fold timber and glass wall opens, enabling the space to extend up and over screening courtyard walls to the forested ridge that rises beyond.

The home is passively heated and ventilated with openings and orientation sensibly deployed. A fire provides winter warming and a ceremonial hearth. Sky-lit and intensely private, these rooms are modest in scale and furnishings.

Timber window reveals and wooden doors are meticulously detailed and parts of the house offer a rich haptic experience. The crunch of gravel and the texture and scent of timber enliven the formal simplicity of the architecture.


Room 11

Practice Team

Project architect – Thomas Bailey

Architect – Nathan Crump

Graduate of architecture – Megan Baynes 

Graduate of architecture – Paul Kaiser

Graduate of architecture – Nathan Crump


Principal builder – Stuart Lawless

Builder – Lawless Builders

Photographer – Ben Hosking







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