Bruny Island Hideaway



Bruny Island Hideaway


Tucked away in a clearing surrounded by 99 acres of forest, this finely crafted cabin provides shelter for time off the grid in both a literal and metaphoric sense, exploring the essence of retreat and reconnection to nature. From a desire to build small and a childhood spent in traditional Japanese houses, our brief was to reconcile our client’s love of Bruny Island, her culture, and her minimalist ideals.

Turning away from tall trees and a dark forest to the north, the cabin addresses long views to the south from a daybed and opens to east and west decks. A high roof elevates solar panels and a skylight to catch the sun from over the trees. Internally, light coloured timber creates a warm, cosy sense of enclosure, referencing not only Japanese architecture, but remote wilderness cabins from all over the world, creating a real sense of ‘otherness’ and escape.



Maguire + Devine Architects

Practice Team

Design architect – Dan Devine

Design architect – Hugh Maguire


Principal builder – George Morozoff

Builder – Merlin Constructions

Photographer – Rob Maver

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