Dales Of Derby

Dales Of Derby


Dales Of Derby


Located in the picturesque region of northeast Tasmania, Dales Of Derby is a place to stay next to the river on the edge of town. An introductory building to Derby, the gable roof suggests a link to the local mining history, calling to mind utilitarian tin miner accommodation, a high country slab hut or tractor shed.

Facilitating large groups, the building presents a series of varied experiences, perhaps even evokes a certain memorable naivety of fun, friends, kids, and a splash of primary colour, a splash in the river, a fireplace, a place to remember.

The built form is a singular functional object separated into pieces and strung out across the hill between road and river. Gaps become significant framing moments of eucalypt forest while nighttime gable lighting castes a permanent golden hue to greying timber walls; a memory of the raw timber cut, glowing on the outskirts of town.



Philip M Dingemanse

Consultant / Construction Team

Edge Homes – Builder
Rare Innovation – Engineer
Mode Electrical – Renewable Energy Consultant
Green Building Surveying – Building Surveyor
Geo-Environmental Solutions – Wastewater Consultant
Consulting Plus – Energy Assessment
Onto It Solutions – Bushfire Assessment
Core Construction Management – Cost Consultant
Tasman Geotechnics – Geotechnical Engineer
Luke Hesketh – Photographer