Lime Avenue Residence

Lime Avenue Residence

Lime Avenue Residence


The Lime Avenue Residence is a Queen Anne style home built in 1908. Over more than a century the residence has had many owners, which was clearly expressed within the existing building fabric. The design process began by gently pulling back layers of history to uncover the true identity of the home. While the design called for simplification, it was also necessary to make way for an active, social and playful family lifestyle.

In summarising, the design client states, “I think we have renovated this house with integrity. The budget went into the basics of reconfiguring the layout, letting in the light (so many decisions came down to those skylights!), heating, fittings etc. The house can now live on for another 100 years with a breathing, sunny, thermally appropriate, modern-paced life.”


Cumulus Studio

Practice Team
Pippa Jensen – Design Architect
Todd Henderson – Project Architect
Simone Penn – Client

Consultant / Construction Team
R & S Rosier Construction Pty Ltd – Builder
Rare Engineering – Engineer
Green Building Surveying Pty Ltd – Building Surveyor
Anjie Blair – Photographer